Correct Use of Breakaway Cables

Breakaway Cables

There are two main types of breakaway cable, those with a karabiner clip attachment and those with a spring clip attachment. A cable with a spring clip is designed to be hooked back over the breakaway cable when it is fitted to the tow vehicle and must always be used this way. A cable with a karabiner clip is designed to be secured onto a mounting point  on the tow vehicle. The karabiner does not need to pass back over the cable but can if necessary.

Fixed Tow Ball Systems

The cable with the spring clip should be looped around the tow ball neck and clipped back on itself.

Detachable Tow Ball Systems

Vehicles with detachable tow ball systems may have a securing point provided on the tow bar assembly attached to the vehicle. If this securing point is not large enough for a spring clip fastener to pass through, don’t be tempted to clip the spring clip onto the attachment point. The spring clip should instead pass around the base of the tow ball and clip onto itself. Only a karabiner type clip should ever be clipped directly to the dedicated point.